Edward Keith Pousson

Edward Keith Pousson left the faith as a youth and fell in with the draft-dodging, hard-rocking rebellion of the American 60s and 70s. He came back to God during the phenomenal Jesus People Movement, when tens of thousands of rockers and hippies crash-landed into the kingdom of God. As a newly initiated Jesus Freak, he traded the Beatles for the Apostles; John, Paul, George and Ringo for Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. He then served as a missionary in Haiti, Africa and Malaysia, and as a pastor in his home state of Louisiana. After that, he earned his Masters and Doctorate at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. He has lived in Singapore since 1990, serving in theological education, pastoral ministry, itinerant preaching and writing. His only claim to fame is his dear wife, Lai Kheng and their three grown children, Jachin, Justice and Evangeline. His one passion is Jesus. And the only title he answers to is “Jesus Freak”

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