Words of Wisdom Series: Look Before You Leap

Words of Wisdom Series: Look Before You Leap

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The Words of Wisdom (WOW) series introduces children to common proverbs through interesting stories which are attractively illustrated. The first part of each story explains the proverb while the second part applies it in a different situation. This is to ensure that the reader will have a better understanding of each proverb and be enlightened with timeless nuggets of wisdom while enjoying the stories.

Pick up these classic Words of Wisdom, learn what they mean and put them into practice!

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover

Delphi the little dolphin was excited to be back in school. But did her feelings change when she saw who her new buddy was?

Look Before You Leap

Leonie the lion cub was eager to show her mum that she could run fast. But was speed all she needed?

If You Play With Fire, You Get Burnt

Rackey the little raccoon was fascinated with fire. One day, he got a bit too close to matches…

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Pan Pan the little panda bear couldn’t sleep. While staying up and talking to his mum, he learnt an important lesson that would help him.

Size: 229 by 152mm
No. of Pages: 32 pages (per book)


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