Win People Over: 75 Simple and Powerful Ways to Influence Anyone


Win People Over: 75 Simple and Powerful Ways to Influence Anyone

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‘When it comes to understanding what good leadership is about, we struggle to define that
people-winning quality we call the ˜X-Factor™. Karen™s simple but powerful guide to developing
it takes a deep dive into a subject that all good leaders should read.

For the experienced, it reinforces our intuition about how we worked to won hearts and minds.
For the aspiring, it certainly presents great food for thought, and opens our horizons to the
potential of becoming effective communicators and exceptional leaders.’

Stephen Tjoa
Partner, People Performance and Culture
KPMG Advisory LLP


Why can™t they see things from my point of view?

How does he get everyone to follow him?

I™m just too shy to be noticed.

If you™ve ever had these thoughts or doubted your ability to reach out to others and win them over, this book is for you!

Karen Leong has experienced what it™s like to go from wallflower to influencer, and now shares simple but actionable ways to take charge of your reputation, win the respect of others and bring them over to your side.

Written specially for Asian readers, Win People Over is a clear and practical roadmap to a new you. Take action on Karen™s encouragement and advice, and watch yourself become more inspiring and better able to connect with colleagues, friends and family.


ISBN: 978-981-4597-32-6
Size: 229mm by 152mm (closed)
No. of Pages: 184 Pages


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