Why Your Children Love You


Why Your Children Love You

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“I strongly recommend this book to parents and educators interested in helping their children
and the next generation grow up happy, achieving their full potential and contributing to

Oon-Seng Tan, Ph.D.
Dean, Foundation Programme, and Head of Psychological
Studies, National Institute of Education

Why Your Children Love You defines critical matters in child-rearing for Asian parents. It helps parents to closely examine their assumptions and values so that they can parent with greater awareness and purpose. Part 1 of this book examines the basic developmental needs of children to give parents insights into vital opportunities for building strong relationships with their children. Part 2 discusses fundamental values to balance both Asian and Western perspectives on child-rearing. Parents who wish to be moral guides will find tips to help their children interpret the world and its demands upon them. Finally, Part 3 provides some guidelines on purposeful parenting.

Rediscover your roles as parents and glean the learning opportunities that life offers for you to teach what really matters. Numerous examples are given so that you can capture the moments when values transmission is done not only through talk but in action.

ISBN: 978-981-4222-54-9
Size: 200 by 130 mm
No. of Pages: 184 pages


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