Why Take Action?


Why Take Action?

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Through numerous examples and suitable, relevant and appropriate illustrations from a vast
range of human activities, Aik Cher has demonstrated a robust case for taking action. He has
very clearly given practical, easy-touse ways to overcome obstacles that come in the way
when we are planning to act.

Prof Kirpal Singh
Singapore Management University
In his Foreword

In Why Take Action? author Teo Aik Cher of bestseller Why Procrastinate? shares with you a simple yet powerful and effective method for setting and achieving your targets. Written in his usual light-hearted manner and filled with illustrations and delightful stories, this book examines the importance of taking action and the essential qualities and skills needed to attain success. It is a practical guide that will make a great impact in your life.

ISBN: 978-981-4305-70-9
Size: 198 by 129mm
No. of Pages: 120 pages


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