Why be a Champion?

Why be a Champion?

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“Why be a Champion? is the road map written to inspire and guide teenagers to stay on the
straight and narrow path. Many sports and games have been covered in this book, featuring
both male and female, as well as able and disabled champions; they come from so many
parts of the world and they include our very own Singapore champions.“

C Kunalan
Assistant Professor, National Institute of Education
National Technological University, Singapore
Singapore Sportsman of the Year 1968 and 1969

The value in engaging in sport cannot be overemphasised. It leads to a healthier lifestyle, a greater sense of wellbeing and a career in sport. In Why be a Champion?, author Teo Aik Cher highlights key characteristics that athletes possess to make them champions. In his absorbing and amiable style, he uses the word “Champion” as an acronym and delves into the distinctive traits that athletes possess and what makes these champions tick. Discover with him the world of sporting excellence and what goes into cultivating a champion mindset.

ISBN: 978-981-4305-72-3
Size: 198 by 129mm
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