When God Shapes a Wife (Second Edition)


When God Shapes a Wife (Second Edition)

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Do you live through life™s seasons and stages largely unchanged at the core? If so, perhaps you need to be awakened to God™s invitation to you to grow towards fullness, godliness and wholeness.
Allow Rev Jenni Ho-Huan to bring you through her journey of discovery and growth as a woman and a wife. Move with her as she reflects on how you can:

 Be at home with your womanhood
 Be at peace with your choices
 Embrace who God has made you to be
 Rest in love
 Mature in love

When God Shapes A WIFE celebrates the preciousness and uniqueness of each wife, and brings each wife and woman into anintimate relationship with the everlasting God of unconditional love and grace. Read this down-to-earth and discerning book that will encourage, inspire and nourish your soul.


When God Shapes A WIFE is an honest sharing of a wife™s journey of discovery”discovery of her dreams, her struggles, and the highs and lows in her pursuit to be the godly wife¦ 
Mrs Ivy Tan
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About the Author

Jenni Ho-Huan began life in a tiny flat with six siblings. She came to Christ at age eight, then grew up, served and was ordained in the Presbyterian Church. All across the years, God grew her to embrace her own journey and develop both empathy and wisdom for the spiritual life. Jenni and Philip married while they were both pastors (in different denominations) and continue to work on their partnership as pastors in the city, and as parents to two wonderful children, Abigayle and Keith.

ISBN: 978-981-48-6347-6
Size: 190 by 130 mm (closed)
No. of PagesS 184 pages


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