Virtual Realms, Real Needs


Virtual Realms, Real Needs

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“This book that Ray has written will help non-gamers understand why gaming is so alluring
and addictive. I believe it will be a great contribution to orientate parents to the gaming world
and bridge the ‘gaming-gap’ between themselves and their children.“

Chiang Wen-Wei, MBA
EQ Coach and Management Consultant

The new generation is growing up with electronic games, be they on mobile devices, consoles or personal computers. In this world of videogames, it can be a challenge guiding your children as they experience this thrilling yet potentially addictive pastime — whether you yourself are a gamer or not.

When does gaming become an addiction? How and why do children and teens get hooked? In what ways can your family reap the benefits of gaming, while protecting yourselves from the risks? In this book, psychologist, avid gamer and father of two kids Ray Chua shows you the answers in clear, non-technical terms, and explains how you can manage your children’s gaming, identify addiction and seek help.

ISBN: 978-981-4461-77-1
Size: 200 by 130 mm
No. of Pages: 184 pages


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