The Virtues Series: Mikaela Finds Her Voice

The Virtues Series: Mikaela Finds Her Voice

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“We are sometimes surprised by how seemingly trivial things affect young children greatly.
This series by Ken Spillman demonstrates sensitivity towards children’s emotions and
profound respect for children’s judgement, without being didantic. The narratives are effective
as they deal with ordinary issues that young readers can identify with. The characters’ growth
and insights also come naturally.”

Assistant Professor Myra Garces-Bascal
PhD Coordinator of MEd in High Ability Studies
National Institute of Education, Singapore

The Virtues Series was created to engage young readers with positive messages. Comprising 12 books in all, the series is the brainchild of internationally acclaimed children’s author Ken Spillman, who drew inspiration from a global grassroots initiative known as “The Virtues Project”. He casts authentic young characters into everyday situations that reveal the meaning of such virtues as reliability, compassion, cooperation, forgiveness, confidence and a sense of justice.

Suitable for independent reading by six-to-10-year-olds or guided reading in schools, the stories are underpinned by the age old belief that our innate potential for virtue can be awakened through stories and discussion.

In Mikaela Finds Her Voice, a young girl grows in confidence and sheds her shyness, with the help of others.

ISBN: 978-981-4597-98-2
Size: 140 by 210 mm (closed)
No. of Pages: 40 pages


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