The Real Picture (English edition)

The Real Picture (English edition)

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“Gambling is more frightening than drugs. You never know where your limit is. In gambling,
to lose is a blessing, as winning is a trap.”

Li Nanxing

The Real Picture is also available in Chinese.

Who is Li Nanxing in your eyes? Is he a cheery young man? A handsome and valiant policeman? A heroic fighter? A frivolous gambler? Or, an unapproachable award-winning actor?

These are the various personas Li Nanxing has on screen.

In real life, he is just a carefree person with an unassuming personality. His philosophy in life is to let nature take its course.

As a kampong boy who lived in poverty, he started to work at a young age at various places including a provision shop, a factory and a hotel. After he entered the entertainment circle, he rose smoothly to become an award-winning actor. Subsequently he ventured into business, patronising various night spots regularly. He failed in many business ventures and was heavily in debt for over a decade. Eventually he fell into the pit of gambling. Was he too caught up with the roles he played? The King of Caldecott Hill had ironically become down and out in real life, and was even on the brink of suicide. Moreover, he almost lost his life in a freak accident. Unexpectedly, the invisible hand of God saved him and lifted him out of misery.

From an award-winning actor to a gambler, Li Nanxing has experienced many ups and downs in his life. Which is the Real Picture that has captivated him? What is the real drama unfolding in his life now?

ISBN: 978-981-4668-50-7
Size: 200 by 130m
No. of Pages: 94 pages


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