The Kingdom of God & Jesus' Contextual Intelligence


The Kingdom of God & Jesus' Contextual Intelligence

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Almost without exception, Jesus used familiar day-to-day events as contexts to explain and deliver his spiritual truths in a powerful manner. It seems that the underlying thread to all that Jesus did and said was His ability to project specific embodiments of His deep truths through simple familiar contexts that speak so loudly to us. TC Choong referred to this divine ability to use simple context that delivers deep truth as Jesus™ Contextual Intelligence. This Book is not about borrowing a modern management vocabulary to explain Jesus. Instead, this Book discovers that Jesus is the original practitioner of contextual intelligence. Jesus™ Contextual Intelligence is His way of advancing the kingdom of God by making His truths visible to our hearts. To reinforce this kingdom mindset, TC offers readers an identity blueprint” Purpose, Mission and Identity (PMI)”that instills a strong Jesus™ DNA in us. Read the Book to discover how you can gain a fresh perspective that will deepen your understanding of Jesus™ kingdom truths and be effective kingdom disciples for Him. In the ultimate, this Book celebrates the discovery of new vocabularies that articulate Jesus as the living and dynamic God relevant to the needs of our young people and the future generations.

ISBN: 978-981-47-8960-8
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