The Cultural Roots of Business

The Cultural Roots of Business

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Even before people make life decisions or start their businesses, family will already have played a role in the outcome. In this book, based on decades of experience as a banker working with associates from all over the world, Winston Tan shares how he has observed this to happen in Chinese and European cultures. For instance, why are so many family-run businesses Hokkien and Italian in origin, while many Cantonese and French people are known as high achievers who blaze trails of their own?

Cultural values, he suggests, are shaped by events in a people™s history, then passed down by caregivers. They inherently shape businesses and individuals”and so there are many fascinating parallels that can help readers better understand and connect with people from other cultures. Finally, he shares how cultural parallels mirror only recently discovered business strategies, and can be used to achieve individual and corporate goals alike.


ISBN: 978-981-4597-20-3
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