The Amazing Timmy & Tammy Activity Book (Level 2)


The Amazing Timmy & Tammy Activity Book (Level 2)

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Key Learning Skills

¥Reading for meaning¥ Creative writing¥ Phonic blends ¥ Critical thinking skills ¥ Vocabulary
development¥ Sentence construction ¥ Knowledge & understanding of the world ¥ Creative arts

Award-winning English enrichment school, Lorna Whiston Schools, has teamed up with Timmy and Tammy to design an exciting activity book series for children to support their early reading and writing skills. Each activity book provides practice with word recognition, phonics, sequencing, matching, vocabulary-building, sentence construction, creative writing, reading comprehension, critical thinking skills and much more. There are also great ideas for family bonding, including making a paper boat, decorating a sandcastle, baking a pizza face, and even, science experiments! These activity books have been designed by Lorna Whiston’s in-house team of curriculum experts with the aim of providing parents with a toolkit of stimulating activities that are easy to use and that are guaranteed to engage and motivate. Have fun learning English with Timmy and Tammy, the Lorna Whiston way!

ISBN: 32 pages
Size: 297mm by 210mm (closed)
No. of Pages: 40 Pages


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