Set Free from Demonic Possession


Set Free from Demonic Possession

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“This is a story of the power of God’s love to save us (wholly and completely) from the
powers and principalities of this world so that we might be more conformed to the image
of Christ for the sake of others.“

Dr Curt Longacre
Regional Director
Fuller Seminary Northern California, USA


Set Free from Demonic Possession is the exhilarating story of a woman’s discovery of Jesus. Ten weeks into her son Brandon’s new life, he became sick with biliary atresia. Struggling to cope with her baby’s disease, Lee Ang found herself inflicted with a gallstone, cyst and tumor. She sought many treatments to restore her health. Unknowingly, Lee Ang stumbled into the dark world of demonic entities. Occult rituals were disguised behind well-intentioned healing practices. Strong vibrations ran through her body, waking her up at night. She heard and saw strange things. Then one night, she found her soul traveling swiftly through a tunnel of light …


ISBN 13: 978-981-4305-84-6
ISBN 10: 981-4305-84-7
Size: 200 by 130 mm
No. of Pages: 144


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