School Daze


School Daze

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“Regardless of the reason, our school days are important times in our lives where knowledge
is gained (hopefully), friendships are formed and life lessons are learnt. who we are today
was shaped, To some extent, by what happened in school. After all, we spent so much time in
school that it was a second home to us..”

Teo Aik Cher
Author and Cartoonist

Award-winning author and cartoonist Teo Aik Cher has gone from Singapore student in the 1970s to Singapore teacher in the 2000s and beyond.

Drawing from his memories and that of others, Aik Cher captures, through his breezy writing and captivating illustrations, the stunning metamorphosis of our schools over the past 50 years. With his humorous depictions of parents, teachers and students, Aik Cher will have you chuckling away or laughing out loud as you read about the sometimes heartwarming, sometimes heart-wrenching life of the Singaporean Student.

So, come on”let’s stroll down memory lane”Aik Cher will take you on a nostalgic journey that we have all gone through and will never want to forget!


ISBN: 978-981-4597-40-1
Size: 200mm by 130mm (closed)
No. of Pages: 112 Pages


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