Moses and the Exodus: The Story and the History


Moses and the Exodus: The Story and the History

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1. The Persecution of the Israelites
2. The Birth of Moses
3. Moses Flees to Midian
4. Moses and the Burning Bush
5. The First Confrontation with Pharaoh
6. The Second Confrontation and the Battle of the Serpents
7. The First Five Plagues
8. The Next Four Plagues
9. The Last Plague and the Passover
10. The Gathering of the People
11. The Parting of the Red Sea
12. Bitter Water in a Hot Desert
13. War with the Amalekites
14. Love the Lord Your God
15. Love Your Neighbour as Yourself
16. The Lord makes a Covenant with Israel
17. Israel makes a Tabernacle for the Lord
18. The Golden Calf
19. The Rebellion
20. The Spies
21. Another Rebellion
22. The Waters of Meribah
23. War, Rebellion and the Bronze Snake
24. Balak, Balaam and the Donkey
25. Moses and Joshua
26. The Death of Moses
27. The Main Lessons from Moses and the Exodus

No. of Pages:978-983-43289-2-4
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