Mental Illness or Demonisation? (New Edition)

Mental Illness or Demonisation? (New Edition)

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Are demons real? How do they afflict the mentally ill? How do you differentiate demonic manifestations from symptoms of mental illnesses? This book provides the answers to these questions and more.

Written from a Christian standpoint, Mental Illness or Demonisation? unveils the demonic influences in the lives of men and women who could be mistaken as suffering from mental illnesses. It also debunks the misconceptions concerning the various mental illnesses. Practical tips in dealing with the mentally ill and handling deliverance make this book a valuable tool for ministry, while penetrating case examples furnish vivid descriptions of the deliverance process.


About The Author
Dr Leslie Lim has been a practising psychiatrist with over 30 years™ experience in the public sector. After completing his medical studies at the National University of Singapore, he trained in psychiatry in London, United Kingdom. He is a Clinical Associate Professor and an Adjunct Associate Professor at two universities in Singapore. As a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, he specialises in the management of mood and anxiety disorders, and has trained many doctors who have since become leading psychiatrists in Singapore. He was the former president of the Singapore Association for Mental Health and served as the chief examiner in psychiatry for postgraduate psychiatry examinations.

Douglas Koh was baptised in the Holy Spirit in 1978. He has taught on the topic of Inner Healing & Deliverance and ministered in many churches of different denominations in Singapore and globally for 40 years. Douglas had worked in the Singapore civil service until his retirement in 1993, before joining the Metropolitan YMCA as Deputy Executive Director until 1998. He was a part-time parish worker in St Andrew™s Cathedral from 1998 to 2005.

ISBN: 978-981-48-6315-5
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