Managing Emotional Health: Hidden Fears (New Edition)


Managing Emotional Health: Hidden Fears (New Edition)

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In modern life, anxiety and fear can be protective when they serve a useful function in situations involving a real threat. However, when the anxiety is out of proportion to the risk of the situation or object, and due more to a misinterpretation or an overestimation of the perceived threat, the responses are often inappropriate and excessive. It is this dysfunctional anxiety that characterises common anxiety disorders like obsessive-compulsive disorders and phobias.


Obsessive thoughts and compulsive rituals are quite normal in everyday life. It is only when they become too intense and frequent, or when they interfere with our normal social and occupational functioning, that we would consider it an illness”called obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Similarly, when reactions to threats, real or perceived, are excessive, absurd or irrational, they often lead to phobic avoidance with inappropriate flight responses such as in the case of phobia. Yet, these fears are beyond the voluntary control of sufferers.


This book offers sufferers of OCD and phobias and their families a better understanding of the conditions in a simple and readable manner with various case examples. It also suggests practical ways on how families may help these sufferers better manage and overcome their fears.

Hidden Fears is readable, relatable and relevant — a veritable gem especially for local readers.

Associate Professor Cecilia Soong
Head of Counselling Programme,
Singapore University of Social Sciences

About the Author
Dr Ko Soo Meng is a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist at Mt Alvernia Medical Centre. He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor with the Department of Psychological Medicine, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, and Visiting Consultant at University Health Centre, National University of Singapore. Over the past thirty years, Dr Ko has been actively involved in the teaching and training on mental health issues, and has authored and co-authored more than ten books.


ISBN: 978-981-48-6353-7
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