Luminous Sword: The Winter Jewel (PB)

Luminous Sword: The Winter Jewel (PB)

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Journey with Jusvin,Patrick and Lixy as they once again

ventureinto exhilarating lands!

Merpixies Academy is unable to shift its location during winter. This creates a precarious situation for all in the school, especially if their enemies discover their whereabouts.

Jusvin and friends must search for the enthralling Winter Jewel, which has the ability to change seasons. Would Ocebella, the Snow Rhinox bring them to the Frost Realm Palace?

What new revelations will Jusvin and friends unearth when they encounter the hostile Dwarfs? Will the Dwarfs and Seattiasform an alliance against Herogus and his evil troops? Receiving news that some of the magical keys are hidden in Zedia, Jusvinfeels the urgency to return to his birthplace to retrieve the missing keys and rescue the enslaved. Will he able to collect the keys in time?

ISBN: 978-981-48-0743-2
Size: 198 by 129 mm(closed)
No. of Pages: 272 pages


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