Journeys In Systemic Psychotherapy

Journeys In Systemic Psychotherapy

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“Throughout the book, it is clear that the authors have considered their work from the inside
out and the outside in. By paying attention to personal beliefs and experience, they have
demonstrated curiosity about the ideas 
they bring to clinical work; and by introducing
research and refining practice, they have shown reflexive abilities that will undoubtedly
shape future work across the family therapy field.… This book is a coming of age for the
skilled systemic practitioners in Singapore.“

Barbara McKay
Director, Institute of Family Therapy, London

Journeys in Systemic Psychotherapy is about one’s journey as a new worker acquiring knowledge and skills to develop complexities in thinking, reflexivity and the use of the self. The different writers’ contributions demonstrate a process of making connections with theory, practice and research, moving towards a sense of authenticity in working with the personal and professional self of the therapist. What emerges is the experience of learning and growth in process, allowing readers to participate in their experiences vicariously.

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