Have Faith in God


Have Faith in God

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“This instructive book brings light to some of the ways in which we engage in and manifest faith in our lives. … The truth is, what God chooses to do or not do is neither constrained by our actions (or inaction) nor by our ability to believe.”

 Dr Lim K Tham, PhD (Edinburgh)
Dean, Discipleship Training Centre, Singapore


Why Have We Not Moved Any “Mountains”?
The Bible has many captivating accounts of miracles. From the feats of Moses, Elijah and Elisha in the Old Testament to the wondrous deeds of Jesus and the Apostles in the New Testament, these accounts provide great examples of mountain moving faith.


While these miracles may still be manifested today, many of us ask why we have not parted any water bodies, fed thousands with just five loaves and two fish, healed any paraplegics, or raised anyone from the dead. We ask ourselves:


Do I not believe enough?
Is my faith blocked because of some sin in my life?
Or is my relationship with our Lord Jesus not strong enough?


Through Rev. Daniel Tong’s search for answers to these questions, he reminds us of the need to discern God’s will and that miraculous results do not come from any of our innate abilities, but from the fact that nothing is impossible for God. The accompanying study guide is suitable for personal reflection and small group discussions. To move the mountains in your life, look not to yourself, but have faith in God!


A graduate of Trinity Theological College, Daniel Tong has been a priest of the Anglican Diocese of Singapore since 1993. He has been researching and teaching about Chinese beliefs and practices for the past 30 years. A father of three children, Daniel is currently Vicar of Saint Andrew’s Community Chapel. He is also the author of best-selling title, A Biblical Approach to Chinese Traditions and Beliefs.


ISBN: 978-981-18-3549-0
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No. of Pages: 104
Release Date: March 2022



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