God, Why?

God, Why?

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“Dr Gordon Wong gives us a masterly introduction to Habakkuk’s message… readers will
find it a great encouragement in their spiritual journey and a challenge to share the robust
faith in God to which Habakkuk eventually comes.“

Rev Dr John Barrett
Chairperson, World Methodist Council

The world we live in is out of control. So it seems. We are constantly bombarded with news and realities of the violence and atrocities of war and terrorism, the injustice and horror of manmade tragedies and natural disasters. How does one find hope and courage in such a disorderly world? How does one persevere to keep faith in a God who allows chaos and suffering to reign? In God, Why?, a commentary on the book of Habakkuk, Dr Gordon Wong shows readers how to deal with these difficult and confusing issues. He provides precious insights into the nature of faith, enlightens us on the character of prayer, and encourages readers to be patient and committed to praise, even when circumstances do not warrant it.

ISBN: 978-981-4138-93-2
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No. of Pages: 80 pages


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