God, Money and the Singaporean Me


God, Money and the Singaporean Me

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Victor has written an excellent book¦ He has a gift of summarizing complicated financial
subject matters succinctly and providing biblically-based responses to each subject matter.
God, Money and the Singaporean Me is a very helpful book for everyone¦

Revd Dr Timothy Chong
Vicar, Yishun Christian Church (Anglican)

Our lives greatly revolve around money. We use it daily for all kinds of transactions “ whether to buy a simple plate of chicken rice or to pay for a luxurious penthouse.

Yet how many of us can say that we manage our money well? Do we know how much we actually spend and how much we have saved for retirement? For the Christian, how does God view our bank accounts?

God, Money and the Singaporean Me can answer these questions and more! The book is full of practical and useful tips for anyone who wants to be money-savvy. Learn how to set financial goals, calculate the actual cost of purchases and invest prudently.

This easy-to-read book is divided into five key segments that will help us navigate this money maze:

  • Viewing Money
  • Protecting Your Money
  • Using and  Saving Money
  • Growing Money
  • Borrowing Money

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