Forest Friends, Book 1: Little Beaver's Home

Forest Friends, Book 1: Little Beaver's Home

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Little Beaver has not been at school. When Mrs Badger and the Little Animals find him, they learn that a terrible storm has destroyed his lodge. What causes such heavy storms? Can the Little Animals help Little Beaver rebuild his lodge? Join the Little Animals as they learn about climate change!



Forest Friends is a series that promotes environmental stewardship and sustainable living in children.
Join the Little Animals as they discover ways to conserve resources, care for the environment and protect their homes against climate change.



Francesca Wah is passionate about building a better society for future generations. An educator by profession and a social worker by conviction, Francesca champions various social causes. For her active contributions to the community, Francesca was awarded the National Youth Award, Singapore’s highest accolade for youths. Francesca enjoys writing during her free time and believes in inculcating values in the young through stories.


ISBN: 978-981-5060-05-8
Size: 229 by 152 mm (closed)
No. of Pages: 40 pages
Release Date: June 2022


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