For His Holy Name: Judgement and Hope in Ezekiel


For His Holy Name: Judgement and Hope in Ezekiel

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‘Peter Lau and Eugene Hor™s wonderful expositions of selected chapters of Ezekiel combine
a clear faithfulness to the text while engaging contemporary themes. They show excellent
examples of how the Old Testament is Christian scripture, to be read in a proper relationship
with the New Testament.

In times like these, where the Old Testament is so frequently ignored or simply preached as
moralistic tales, these sermons are refreshing models that will bring benefit to preachers, as
well as speak to the hearts and lives of Christians wanting something more substantial for
their devotional lives. I highly commend this book.’

Rev Dr Paul Barker
Regional Coordinator for Asia, Langham Preaching

Few parts of the Bible address a situation so seemingly without hope as the book of Ezekiel. God™s judgement had come upon His people for their disobedience, and they were now suffering in exile in a foreign land. In a world like our own, where so much is uncertain, how can we make sense of a God who certainly sees, judges and punishes sin, yet readily forgives when His people repent? Ezekiel™s listeners were people like ourselves; how was his book a direct response to the troubles of his time, and how does he still speak to us thousands of years later?

In this examination of the lessons we can find in the priest-turned-prophet™s life and writings, Bible teachers Peter Lau and Eugene Hor show how God™s message through Ezekiel can be understood, obeyed and lived in the light of Jesus Christ.

ISBN: 978-981-4597-22-7
Size: 215mm by 150mm (closed)
No. of Pages: 112 Pages


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