Conquer Chinese MCQs, Primary 1

Conquer Chinese MCQs, Primary 1

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✓ 根据小学华文和高级华文课本单元编写, 帮助学生通过选择题作同步练习, 加强和巩固各单元的词语基础
✓ 以选择题为主,学生可自己作练习也易于老师批改
✓ 根据教育部的教学大纲及新题型编撰教材
✓ 理解篇章与故事融入公民道德教育意识, 富趣味性及启发性
Content is based on the latest Primary School Chinese and Higher Chinese syllabus

œ“ Topical vocabulary revision in MCQ format
œ“ MCQ format to encourage independent learning. Easy marking and monitoring for teachers!
œ“ Based on the latest MOE examination format
œ“ Includes interesting and inspiring comprehension passages that impart moral values to young children

ISBN: 978-981-48-0749-4
Size: 260 by 190 mm (closed)
No. of Pages: 124 pages


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