Choosing Life: The Christian Perspective on Abortion


Choosing Life: The Christian Perspective on Abortion

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“An excellent guide that not only provides us with the biblical, theological and legal considerations of abortion in Singapore, it gives us a glimpse into the inner struggles of a person with an unwanted pregnancy, explores how the church can help, and provides us with information and practical help for those considering giving up their child for abortion.”

Bishop Terry Kee
Bishop, Lutheran Church in Singapore

Keeping or aborting an unborn child”this issue is hotly debated even till today. Choosing Life: The Christian Perspective on Abortion looks at the factors surrounding abortion that all believers of Christ need to know. What are the medical risks of abortion? What are society and the Church doing about abortion? And  most importantly, what does the Word of God say about the premeditated removal of a baby from the womb?An essential handbook featuring experts in law,medicine and social services, written for all believers who minister to the body of Christ and reach out to the community.

ISBN: 978-981-4668-97-2
Size: 190mm by 130mm (closed)
No. of Pages: 120 Pages


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