Building Bridges with Your Teenagers (New Edition)


Building Bridges with Your Teenagers (New Edition)

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If you think building bridges with your teenagers seems almost impossible, take heart. In Building Bridges with Your Teenagers, family counsellor Alice Lee shares with readers her own journey in parenting her two children and offers useful advice and a host of practical tips. Peppered vividly with real-life stories, of hers and others, and accompanied with contemplative reflection questions for each chapter, the new edition of this highly anticipated book will encourage you to persevere and seek new understanding, develop good communication and nurture strong relationships with your teenagers.


“This easy-to-read book is filled with practical
tips on how to engage teenagers constructively
rather than confront them acrimoniously, she has
made the reading of this book both enriching and

Dr Ko Soo Meng
Senior Consultant Psychiatrist


About the Author

Alice Lee is a Family Education Consultant, Training Specialist, Counsellor and Resource Speaker with more than 15 years of experience in education and counselling, specialising in developmental issues, marital issues, life transitions, children and families. She has an Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Studies, a Bachelor of Arts in Children & Family Education from Edith Cowan University and a Masters in Counselling from the University of South Australia. Alice is passionate about her work that can make a difference in people’s life. She is married to Joshua and they have 2 children.


ISBN: 978-981-5060-06-5
Size: 200 by 130 mm (closed)
No. of Pages: 220 pages
Release Date: May 2022


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