Blue Budgie Can't Stay Still (Set of 3 Readers)

Blue Budgie Can't Stay Still (Set of 3 Readers)

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Join Scamper, the inquisitive and feisty blue budgie, and his human friend on a series of intriguing experiences at Prince Philip Avenue! Take in the sights and sounds of this uniquely Singaporean neighbourhood and revel in the beauty of what may seem ‘extra-’ordinary. You and your family will treasure the Blue Budgie Can’t Stay Still series for years to come!

Book 1

Now Scamper loved all that he saw;
The people, the laughter, the smells and all.
“This is why I love Redhill;
Prince Philip Avenue, where every day is new!”

Join Scamper, the beautiful blue budgie, on his adventures around the neighbourhood of Prince Philip Avenue in the 1980s. Watch him find a friend, meet fascinating neighbours and escape from danger in the first book of this delightful and vivid new series.

Book 2

Scamper’s human friend brings him on a trip to the coffeeshop to buy some food … but when a one-dollar note falls out of her pocket, Scamper leaps into action to get it back. Our adventurous blue budgie follows the note as it falls into the hands of one resident after another. Will he be able to retrieve the note?

Book 3

When Scamper and his owner head upstairs to Grandma’s flat help her prepare some snacks, he looks forward to sweet, delicious ondeh-ondeh — balls of tapioca flour wrapped around caramelised brown sugar. Ah Ma and his human friend talk as they work, and Scamper learns of her hard life through the Japanese Occupation and the struggles of the post-war years.


No. of Pages:978-981-4461-84-9
210 by 148 mm
72 Pages (Book 1)
64 Pages (Book 2)
64 Pages (Book 3)


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