A Youth's North Star: Staying Contented


A Youth's North Star: Staying Contented

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In this hectic world, we tend to go after the next big thing, to compare ourselves with each other, only to end up stressing ourselves out. How do we let go of all that, and achieve contentment with our lot in life? In this inspiring collection, Teo Aik Cher explores the many things in life that create so much worry and anxiety in us, and provides advice on how to put it all down, take a moment to smell the roses, and cultivate contentment regardless of where we are in life.

About the Author
Teo Aik Cher’s writings and illustrations have been featured in numerous publications. He has illustrated books by trainers such as Adam Khoo, Conrad Alvin Lim and many others. His cartoons have also been featured regularly in the Chinese newspaper Lianhe Zaobao. Aik Cher’s books have been translated into Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese and Vietnamese. His books have also been featured in Popular Bookstore’s bestseller list and The Sunday Times bestseller list.

ISBN: 978-981-48-6314-8
Size: 198 by 129 mm (closed)
No. of Pages: 360 pages


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