A Place for Us: B-Boy Brothers


A Place for Us: B-Boy Brothers

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A Place for Us Series

A Place for Us is a picture book series about persons with special needs. Drawn from real-life experiences, each story elaborates the true meaning of embracing and empowering those with special needs and the importance of social inclusivity, inspiring many to unveil their abilities. These are encompassed through simple stories with positive messages and beautiful illustrations, aimed to build respect, empathy and acceptance in the young readers.

B-Boy Brothers

Malik and his friends tease Yusuf whenever they see him passing by.When Malik learns of Yusuf’s talents, he feels ashamed and has a change of heart. But will Malik make a stand for Yusuf?

ISBN: 978-981-48-0792-0
Size: 229 by 152 mm(closed)
No. of Pages: 32 pages


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