A Faith-Driven Identity


“Written with clarity and passion, this book would be a blessing to anyone seriously
searching for the heart of Christian discipleship.”

Dr Robert Solomon
Bishop Emeritus, Methodist Church of Singapore

The Christian is identified with Christ. From there, we derive further identities before the Lord — as His children, disciples and servants. But because these terms are so familiar, many believers need to be acquainted with the life-changing power of our identities. God’s grace saves us, and we must truly understand how it also empowers us as His children to do great things for Him.

Packed with Bible teacher T C Choong’s experiences leading people to find peace and healing in Christ, this book explains:

  • The truth that our new identities in God are actually at the core of the Scriptures
  • The question of whether we can lose our Christian salvation through excessive sin
  • How the grace of God really saves and transforms us to do mighty works in His Name, wherever we are in life.

ISBN: 978-981-4461-75-7
Size: 229mm by 152 mm (closed)
No. of Pages: 264 pages


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