A Biblical Approach to Feng Shui/Divination

A Biblical Approach to Feng Shui/Divination

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“Daniel Tong’s book is a good read for those who are unfamiliar with Feng Shui and related
divination practices in Chinese culture. It is particularly useful for those Christians who do
not read Chinese and need a guide to find their way through this complex minefield.
A Biblical Approach to Feng Shui and Divination will help many who are confused and
befuddled by the various claims made for such forms of divination.”

Bishop Dr Hwa Yung
The Methodist Church in Malaysia

In  Feng Shui, the ornamental fountain in the home or office has more than aesthetic appeal. It brings prosperity. Likewise, south is good. And north is bad. So it is vital for the front entrance to face south.

In a nutshell, the practice of Feng Shui — the words mean “wind” and “water” respectively — aims to help people live in harmony with their environment. The goal is to re-shape their destiny for a better life. How does it work? Is it for real?

After painstaking research, Daniel Tong unearths the root of Feng Shui and Divination, and explores some tools of the trade, like the Bagua and Luo Pan. In the process, he stacks up the practices against biblical teaching, and strips off superstition to reveal the truth of God’s Word for all Christians.

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