A Biblical Approach to Chinese Traditions/Beliefs (Chinese)

A Biblical Approach to Chinese Traditions/Beliefs (Chinese)

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“Daniel Tong has painstakingly produced a book which will, no doubt, be of much help to
many Chinese Christians who desire to share the Gospel with their loved ones and friends,
but know full well the immense complexities and cultural and religious minefields in the

Rt Rev Dr John Chew
Bishop, Diocese of Singapore

In this carefully researched and thoughtfully written book, Daniel Tong ponders the dilemmas faced by many Chinese Christians. A Biblical Approach to Chinese Traditions and Beliefs seeks to provide some guidelines on the cultural practices that believers may or may not be a part of, and offers sound biblical reasons for them. It discusses the major festivals celebrated, the practice of ancestral worship and traditional Chinese medical care, and gives a brief description of the main tenets of the religious philosophies that undergird these traditions. The goal, asserts the author, is simply to help Christians live their faith to the fullest, while maintaining the fact that they come from an ethnic group with a long and rich heritage.

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